New music featured in “Gardeners of Eden” full length doccumentary

Had the great privilege recently to be a part of this amazing film with a very talented director and production company (Austin Peck/BeatFILM)…..the film is called “Gardeners of Eden” and documents the ivory poaching epidemic in Kenya that is said to leave elephants completely extinct within the next 10 years, while the few fight to save what few remain from harm’s way.

The film is currently screening at Cinema Village East in NYC, will be also screening in select Theaters in LA starting May 1st……will be exclusively seen on Pivot TV starting May 8th for a limited run as well, and will eventually be available on iTunes, Netflix, and also National Geographic.

Go out and support this great film, which again, was very honored to be a part of…..great bunch of people making real, relevant and powerful material……hope you enjoy it! -B